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We specialize in the manufacturing of tungsten carbide powders for HVOF coatings and Nickel Chrome carbide wear coatings. We also excel in the manufacture of one step thermal spray powders and NiCrSiB/WC Blends. Many of our clients also turn to us for tube metals, composite rods, tungsten casts, sintered carbides, and a variety of other tungsten-based products.

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About Us

Lineage Metallurgical provides superior quality products with competitive pricing. We've made investments in facilities, equipment and, most importantly, the materials expertise that makes our products better than the rest. Our manufacturing practices are specifically developed to meet the requirements you demand of Lineage Metallurgical, so that you can provide performance, quality, service and value to your customers.

  • Highest Standards

    Our total commitment to quality is maintained to the highest standards throughout the entire processing of the thermal spray materials. Lineage Metallurgical is ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 certified. “Management Certification of North America (or MCNA) is an ANAB accredited certification body.”

  • Quality

    Lineage Metallurgical is constantly expanding Research and Development capabilities, manufacturing methods and manufacturing capabilities to better serve the Aerospace, Petrochemical, Energy, and Agricultural fields of the thermal spray industry. Quality Control procedures require that all products are manufactured to the highest standards and tested by lot number prior to shipment.

  • We're trusted

    Lineage Metallurgical manufactures powder to SAE International specifications, and maintains a number of Customer Specifications
    through Boeing, Bombardier, GE, Goodrich, and Pratt & Whitney. Material certificates are provided with each shipment, ensuring that our customers are receiving materials matching their specifications.

  • We're comprehensive

    A complete line of Lineage Metallurgical powders is available for critical needs of the Aerospace Industry and other industrial applications requiring consistent, high quality coatings for wear resistance against abrasion, corrosion, erosion, fretting, and oxidation. There are also a number of materials designed for bond coat applications that feature our binderless process. Select the product that best suits your needs.

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