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Jun 06, 2023

Enhancing Oil and Gas Equipment Performance: The Benefits of Tungsten Thermal Spray Coating   The oil and gas industry operates in harsh and demanding environments, where equipment and components are subjected to extreme temperatures, corrosive substances, and abrasive conditions. To optimize efficiency, reduce downtime, and extend the service life of critical parts, innovative solutions are […]

Featured Customer of the Month: FAMCO Machine Shop in Pearland, TX.
May 22, 2023

FAMCO Machine Shop, located in Pearland, TX, is a renowned machine shop that specializes in producing high-quality parts and components for the oil and gas industry. The company’s commitment to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction has made it a reliable partner for several companies in the industry. FAMCO’s state-of-the-art machine shop is equipped with the […]

CudaGrit, a leader in the manufacturing of abrasives and cutting tools.
May 15, 2023

In today’s world, it is essential for companies to embrace sustainable practices. Going green not only helps the environment, but it also leads to cost savings and increased efficiency. Cuda Grit, a leader in the manufacturing of abrasives and cutting tools, is one such company that has taken up the mantle of environmental responsibility. So, […]

HVOF Coatings: The Standard for Wear Protection
May 08, 2023

HVOF Coatings: The Standard for Wear Protection   In the manufacturing industry, HVOF coatings have become increasingly popular over the years. These coatings were first introduced in the 1980s and revolutionized the world of thermal spray coatings. HVOF stands for High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel, and it is a type of thermal spray coating that utilizes high-performance […]

Thermal spray and Industrial coating
May 01, 2023

    Thermal spray powders have revolutionized the industrial coating industry. The process involves heating and melting metal powders and propelling them onto a surface using a spray gun. The sprayed material forms a coating that adheres to the surface, providing protection against wear and corrosion. One of the companies leading the way in thermal […]

Lineage Metallurgical
Apr 27, 2023

Lineage Metallurgical is a world-class leader in manufacturing high-quality thermal spray powders, tungsten carbide grit, composite rod and tube metals. Established in Baytown TX in 1969, we have been providing consistent, high-quality products for wear resistance against abrasion, corrosion, erosion, fretting and oxidation to various industries such as aerospace, energy, wood waste, agriculture, farrier, mining, […]