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Tungsten Carbide, Chrome Carbide, & Other Metal Spray Powders for Thermal Coatings

Our crushed tungsten carbide is screened to meet a variety of different specification and sizing requirements. The crushed tungsten is of sintered tungsten carbide with a cobalt binder sometimes used by ocyecetepelene or even heat induction for brazing applications. The brazing carbide is used to produce highly wear resistant tungsten carbide composite rod, also called tungsten carbide brazing rod.

Properties <span class='title--bold'> of Thermal Spray Coatings</span>

Properties of Thermal Spray Coatings

  • High Hardness
  • Good Strength
  • Excellent resistance to wear, abrasion and scratching
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • High bonding strength
  • Low porosity
  • Dense coating
  • Offers variable properties depending on the grain size of the WC powder and its volume fraction during thermal spraying
Properties <span class='title--bold'> of Thermal Spray Coatings</span>

Tungsten Carbide Powders

Thermal spray coatings of tungsten carbide are used for their hardness and wear resistance. When choosing a tungsten carbide powder, the particle size and type of carbide selected are important in determining the correct material to combat various forms of erosion, abrasion, and wear. Whereas the amount of metal matrix in the coating (Nickel, Cobalt, Alloy) will depend on the toughness an abrasion resistance required.

  • HVOF
  • Air plasma
  • Combustion

HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) spray uses a combination of a fuel and oxygen to produce high quality carbide coatings. The high energy output is known to produce coatings with low porosity and high bond strength. This technology is also used for temperatures between 4,000 F and 5000 F with velocities in the range of 1,500 ft/sec to 2,800 ft/sec. It’s these higher velocities that lead to greater coating thickness, lower porosity, lower oxide content, and thus better adhesion of the coating to the product.

Chrome Carbide Powders

Chromium Carbide powders are used for wear resistance in combination with a higher temperature capability. Chrome carbide powders are usually less wear resistant than tungsten carbide thermal spray powders, but are excellent at higher temperatures.
Thermal Spray Coating <span class='title--bold'> Selection Criteria </span>

Thermal Spray Coating Selection Criteria

The expense of a coating is directly dependant on the material being coated. In this regard, Tungsten Carbide coatings are a premium coating. These coatings are often preferred when parts have undergone irreversible damage by wear or erosion and coating is more cost effective than buying new. In such conditions, WC coatings are a cheaper and feasible solution.

They are primarily used where excellent wear resistance is the main requirement; as its wear resistance surpasses its other mechanical properties.

Thermal Coating

  • Less than 1%

  • High resistance
    to wear

  • Hardness
    Exceeding Rc70

  • Corrosion-

  • Bonding Strength
    Average of 8,500psi

  • Can be finished
    down to 6 Ra

Metal powders

Applications for Thermal Spray Coating

Thermal spraying is used in a variety of coating processes including Plasma Spraying, HVOF Spraying, Arc Spraying and Flame Combustion Spraying. These processes are also called Metalizing Spraying. Coating quality is usually assessed by its porosity, oxide content, macro and micro-hardness, bond strength and surface roughness. Generally higher particle velocity results in higher coating quality.

  • Corrosion/Galvanic Protection
  • Dimensional Restoration
  • Electrical Insulation
  • EMI/RFI Shielding
  • Emissivity
  • Erosion Resistant
  • Galling Resistant
  • Bio-Fouling
  • Decorative/Cosmetic Marking
  • Hard Chrome Replacement
  • Low Friction Release
  • Chemically Strippable
Need Powder for with <span class='title--bold'> Thermal Coating Applications?</span>

Need Powder for with Thermal Coating Applications?

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What is Thermal Spray?

Thermal spray is a method of depositing a coating by means of melting the metal powder and accelerating it into a substrate to achieve a given thickness.

What is the most commonly used form of thermal spraying?

Heat sources typically define the type of thermal spraying. Combustion spray, HVOF (High-velocity oxy-fuel), plasma spraying, and wire arc are a few of the most common forms.

Can the percent of metal matrix be modified?

Standardly, the percent of metal matrix is able to be modified to the customer specification.