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Horseshoe Tradition Tubemetal

A blend of Wolfram (atomic #74) in the form of Wrazor sharp crushed sintered tungsten carbide particles within a multi functional resilient matrix of high temperature brazing alloys (NiAg). Our product has been used in many industries worldwide for over 60 years.

Lineage’s Heritage Line of products are regarded as emblematic of fine craftmanship for the Farrier Industry.  The production of our Legacy composite rods has a long heritage on their own from the quality and traditions which have continued over more than four decades.  A tradition and quality or level of craftmanship like our customers and those in the equine industry experience and expect.

If you are looking for wear resistance, razor sharp cutting edges, and the hardest substance known to man, use Legacy Composite Rods.

Heritage Line products, serving the farrier industry, one step at a time.

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