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Chrome Carbide Powders

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Chrome carbide coatings are used for wear resistance in combination with a higher temperature capability than is possible with tungsten carbide powders. Although generally less wear resistant than tungsten carbides, chrome carbide is excellent at higher temperatures and under corrosion and oxidation conditions. These properties are enhanced when the metal alloy matrix is made from the highly corrosion resistant Nichrome alloy.

Appropriate for applications 1000-1500oF, coatings of chrome carbide nickel chrome are recommended for resistance wear by abrasion, hard surfaces, fretting, and particle erosion.

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  • 75Cr3C2 25NiCr

    Used for machine parts, pump housing, fan blades, etc.

    • LA-CRN1-19 (-140 +10u) Cr3C2-NiCr 75/25, blend
      • Method:
        Air Plasma Spray
      • Equivalents:
        Metco 81-NS, Amdry 307, CRC-108
    • LA-6875 (-325 +15u) Cr3C2-NiCr 75/25, blend
      • Method:
        Air Plasma Spray, HVOF
      • Specification:
        AMS 7875
      • Equivalents:
        Metco 81VF-NS, Amdry 305, CRC-106
    • LA-RN01S-25 (-325 +15u) Cr3C2-NiCr 76/24, sintered and crushed
      • Method:
      • Equivalents:
        JK 135